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Each new Heritage Development Home is built with energy efficiency in mind. The very latest heating technology ensures all our homes benefit from excellent low consumption heating with the homeowner in total control over their energy usage.

The heating systems installed in our homes are extremely efficient, with the ability to divide each property into designated heating zones. This assists in reducing energy bills because rooms or zones will not be heated, or fully heated when not required. This means you can enjoy heat on demand, where and when you need it.

Selected Heritage homes benefit from a number of energy efficient measures. These include air source heat pump systems that harvest renewable, low-grade energy from the outdoor air and upgrade it into useful heat. Heritage also installs log burners for a more traditional means of heating where appropriate.

Other energy efficient features include double glazed draught sealed windows. These dual-purpose windows keep our homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and are excellent for helping with reduced consumption costs.


*This specification is only meant as a guide, some items may vary from plot to plot. Please check with our Sales Advisor for further details.